How to Mix Patterns with Ease

How to Mix Patterns with Ease

Patterns are popular year-round, but we tend to see more of them in the fall & winter.  Some of this is because we dress using layers and more accessories in the cooler weather.  Tendency is to layer our clothing more, and most people depending on where you live wear hats, scarves, cardigans and coats during the cooler weather.  With all of the extras to keep us warm there is more opportunity for clothing patterns to mix.  We thought it would be fun to put some tips for mixing patterns because we know some people are more uncertain on exactly how to do this. 

1.  First select your color palette, and keep your patterns in the same color family.

2.  It's okay to mix prints of different scales.  For example,  a wide plaid pattern with a smaller plaid pattern.  Just don't mix 2 large plaid patterns, or 2 small plaid patterns as they tend to compete with each other instead of complement each other.

3.  Stripes are the most timeless pattern of all, and striped patterns mix well with florals.

4.  Geometric patterns such as checks mix well with polka dots if kept in the same color family.  

5.  Break up the mix of patterns with solids.

6.  The ever popular animal prints are mixable with stripes or plaids.


We hope this helps with any hesitation you've had in mixing patterns, and you can now go to your closet confident in mixing together what you already have to create a new look, and/or helps you in putting new looks together.

Until next time...Happy Shopping!




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