Top 5 Fashion Misconceptions

Top 5 Fashion Misconceptions


  1. This color won’t look good with my body type

Black, white, or red, any color can flatter any body type. While most people think that black is always slimming, the cut of your outfit is more important than the color. A fit-and-flare white dress will always be more flattering than a black tent dress.


    2.  I’m too old to dress trendy

Fashion is timeless! You’re never too old to rock the latest trends. At Something Pink, we believe that fashionistas can be any age. An easy way to slip a trendy piece into your outfit regimen is to pair a fun top with a nice blazer and jeans. That way, you’re still rocking the trends while keeping your look work-friendly.


    3.  Fashion is only for the rich and famous

You don’t need a million bucks in order to look like you do! You can find cute pieces at any price level. We’re proud to say that our clothes are both cute and affordable, so can look stylish without breaking the bank. Being an affordable retailer is key to keeping fashion accessible to everyone.


     4.  You can’t mix and match prints

If you’ve ever opened instagram, you know this isn’t true. One of the most exciting things about fashion is the endless possibilities it has! Don’t limit yourself to one print per look. An easy way to pair prints is to look at the colors in the different patterns. A leopard print skirt would pair well with black stripes due to the shared color.


     5.  You shouldn’t wear heels if you’re already tall

I used to be very self-conscious of how I would tower over other women when I wore high shoes. I got over all of that when I realized how many cute pairs of shoes I was missing out on!  Now, as long as I can walk in them, I strap myself in and strut!


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